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Homeschool Hoopla


Reynolda Church, in partnership with Reynolda Preschool, offers weekly enrichment for homeschooled children, ages kindergarten through 6th grade.

Hoopla meets on TUESDAY MORNINGS from 9am–1pm. Students bring their lunches; we provide snack.  


Our current 2021 Spring Rosters are full.

Contact our offices (336-723-7451) or email tmccrary@rcstaff.org if interested in being placed on our waitlist.

Fall 2021 Registration is now OPEN

Fall 2021 Semester Tuition: $235 

$15 off tuition for additional siblings

We provide a safe environment for home schooling families to bring their students each week to play, socialize, and learn about Jesus. Taught by fantastic, experienced teachers, our days include activities like art, science, outdoor play, Bible discussions and more, and are structured to help students develop friendships and community.

Students stay with the same group all morning and do a series of activities built around a theme. This year our teachers worked with a theme of "Around the World," exploring a different country each week. Their activities range from writing to science to art, and are designed to spark curiosity and teamwork. 


The day includes lunch and outdoor play. Hoopla also has opportunities to serve the community and to partner with our preschool kids as "buddies" for chapel and special events.

Required once upon enrollment for all students

Required annually for students who need medication (e.g., Epipen, rescue inhaler) at Hoopla

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Reynolda Preschool is a weekday ministry of Reynolda Church, EPC, for children up to 5 years.

We love Jesus, love to play, and love to learn about the world!